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Planning An Engagement Party

So, they’ve asked you to marry them and you’ve said yes. Now it’s time to celebrate, but how exactly do you go about doing this? With an engagement party, of course! However, there is slightly more to planning an engagement party than you might initially think. Below you’ll find a few things worth remembering when putting your party into action.

What’s It For?

Your engagement party is a fantastic way to introduce both sides of the family to each other. Let’s face it, over the coming months especially, they’re all going to be seeing a fair bit of each other, so a great way for everyone to get to know one another is with a get-together.

Planning An Engagement Party

Who Hosts?

Traditionally, it always used to be the bride’s parents that held the first big bash following the announcement she was getting married. However, if you’re not fussed about keeping things traditional, then anyone can host the engagement party.

Planning An Engagement Party


Ideally, you’ll want to hold the party between nine and eleven months before the wedding itself. This will ensure that people who you’ll want at both celebrations won’t be bombarded with events that come virtually one after the other. Also, when you set a date for the party, give your guests a months’ notice.

Planning An Engagement Party


Location is very much dependent on how many people will be attending. For big events, you may need to hire a private function room, whereas a smaller guest list could be entertained at a house party, or if you’re by the coast, at a beach club.

Planning An Engagement Party

Who To Invite?

The people you invite to your engagement party don’t necessarily have to be the people you invite to your wedding. However, you should still create your guest list and consider trimming down your engagement party list to include just your closest friends and family. It’ll save on any awkward situations later on.

Planning An Engagement Party

How To Invite?

The invites don’t need to be anywhere near as formal as the ones you will send out for your wedding. You could just send emails to everyone you want to be there. Before you send out invites, make sure you’ve put your wedding registry together in case guests want to bring gifts.

Planning An Engagement Party

What To Serve?

Like the invites, the food and drink can be very informal. Lay on nibbles instead of a full three-course meal – your guests will love it just the same!

Planning An Engagement Party

What To Wear?

Your outfit for the evening should be simple but special. You’ll want to stand out from your guests, but not so much that you eventually upstage your wedding day look. Ultimately however, what you wear will depend upon the setting of the party.

Planning An Engagement Party

If you’re planning an engagement party, these are a few things you’ll want to consider. The above pointers will ensure organisation runs as smoothly as possible while also making for a wonderful evening with those closest to you when the time arrives.

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