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Things To Know When It Comes To Engraving Jewellery

Things To Know When It Comes To Engraving Jewellery

Your engagement ring and wedding ring are two very special pieces of jewellery. However, you can give them even more sentimentality by having them engraved. Here you’ll find some tips, ideas and general things to know when it comes to engraving jewellery to help you make a more informed decision.


When you order your rings, ask your jeweller about engravings. Where possible, have your rings engraved by the same jewellers who sold them to you. If this is not a service they offer, they will most likely refer you to somewhere that will be able to help you. Make sure you double-check the spelling before sending the rings off, and check them again when you receive them back.

Things To Know When It Comes To Engraving Jewellery

How Long?

Your rings can be engraved as quickly as while you wait, or they may take unto a month. Ask your jewellers or whoever is carrying out the service for you how long it is likely to take. This is especially important if you are having wedding rings engraved before you get married as you will need to plan ahead to ensure they will be back before the big day takes place.

Unique Ideas?

If you can’t make your minds up on just a few words and opt for a whole line or stanza from a poem, try inscribing it around a stone set in the ring. It will only be visible using a magnifying glass, so will be a romantic secret between the two of you. Plus, if ever your ring is lost or stolen, it will make for a unique birthmark to identify your ring.

Things To Know When It Comes To Engraving Jewellery

What’s The Cost?

The cost of engraving depends on how many characters and what method of engraving you want. Prices for fifteen machine-inscribed characters starts at around £20. For eight hand engraved characters, you can expect to pay £60.

What To Have Engraved?

What you have inscribed on your ring is entirely up to you and your partner. Popular engravings have sometimes consisted of French, Olde English or just some good old fashioned heartfelt words. Just think of a phrase that means a lot to both of you, and that fits how much you are prepared to pay.

Things To Know When It Comes To Engraving Jewellery

So there are a few things to consider if you are thinking of having your jewellery engraved. It is a fantastic way to personalise the rings that you will cherish for years to come, and as was detailed in one of the points above, there is a practical use for engravings as well. Get thinking about what heartfelt words you would like on your rings, then go and get it done.


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