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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Tips From Invite In A Bottle

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Today I’d like to enter the world of wedding planning, which is up there as one of the most stressful events of your life.
So by leaving yourself 2 years to get your wedding prepped, planned and executed the organisation should be simple, right?! Not always. In the modern world, many people simply don’t have the time to make the calls, generate ideas and plan their special day to the quality they have envisaged. Enter The Wedding Planner.
Our typical British culture means we are adverse to complaining so if things go wrong we sort of take it all with good humour – this should not be the case on your wedding day! Going off last year’s figures, the average wedding in the UK cost £21,000 so there should be no reason why you should settle for second best.

So what does a wedding planner actually do? Well it may vary from person to person. To give you an idea on what to expect, I’ve put down a few pointers below….

Initial Consultation

This is important to put them on the right road so that they can help create your perfect day. During this they will discuss important things like the budget you wish to stick to and your own personal preferences and designs. They will also be able to impart their vast wedding knowledge on to you and let you know what is hot at that moment in time!


They will shortlist venues for you to choose from – believe me, from personal experience this is a minefield! There are literally thousands out there and even if you do find the right one the waiting list can be ridiculous and you want to be guaranteed great service and hospitality.


They will source items like florists, caterers and your evening/day entertainment based around your initial budget. The good thing is they may have someone in the know and can use their previous to get you a deal!

They will take care of vendor contracts which definitely need to be correct in order for your day to function as planned.


This can kind of get lost in the planning itself so it’s nice to know you can unload this burden onto someone else! They’ll sort the wording, style, mailing as well as the RSVPS.


A big one – the last thing you want to be worrying about is “has the cake arrived” or “do we know where the vegetarians are sitting”.


Some of them may even give you a hand booking this! (I don’t think they insist on coming along)

Wedding Planning

Of course, many couples will still do a fantastic job of their own wedding and the creativity of some people is nothing short of spectacular – for those who think they may struggle with their careers or busy lives getting in the way, you may want to look at bringing in the professionals.



For more information on the services provided by Invite In A Bottle, visit their website.

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