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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

The dress, the venue and the ceremony itself are all important aspects of a wedding, no arguments there. For many people, however, the food will be a huge priority. Catering is definitely an area that you’ll want to do right to ensure guests stay contented throughout the big day. There is a handful of questions you should ask your prospective wedding caterers before you choose one, and then a handful more queries you should make when creating the menu and at the tasting sessions. Here are some of the key questions to ask your wedding caterer before your wedding.

Before Hiring –

What services are included?

It’s no secret that catering services are going to cost you a pretty penny, so you want to know what you’re getting for your money. Think about what you’ll need besides the meal. Table-side service and wine pouring are things you’ll likely need, so make sure you find out whether these are included in your quote.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

What services are not included?

This is as handy to know as what’s included in the bill. Let’s face it – you don’t want to be paying for something you’re not going to need. For example, if you don’t have a traditional wedding cake, but instead you have individual cupcakes for each guest, you won’t be requiring your caterer to cut any cakes for you.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Where do you source ingredients?

For some people, where their food comes from is important. When searching for the right caterer, decide if you are willing to pay extra for premium ingredients.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Have you ever catered at my venue?

A key thing to remember is the menu is dependent on the venue. If waiters are going to have to walk great distances to tables you’ll need to bear in mind the logistics of things. Also, kitchen layouts vary, so ask them what plans they would have for preparing food there.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Will you cover rentals?

Find out in advance what your venue provides, then ask potential caterers if they will deal with rentals. Be sure to find out if the charges will be covered in your quote, and again, you’ll want to know what this charge includes.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

How much previous experience do you have?

It’s always good to know if your caterer has ever done any weddings before. That being said, however, those new to the wedding business are not necessarily bad choices. Use your own judgement here and weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

How many events will you be covering on the same day?

No prizes for working out that the fewer events your caterers are covering on your wedding day, the better it will be for you. They will be less pressured time-wise and will therefore be able to provide a more personalised service for you.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

When Creating The Menu –

What are you most excited about making?

Even chefs get bored of creating the same dish over and over again. Ask them to try out some fresh ideas – it will make a nice change for them making for happier, more enthusiastic staff, which will ultimately mean you get better service.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Any suggestions?

Your caterer will be a very useful resource when you run out of ideas yourself. Different combinations of flavours and foods are what these people specialise in – don’t be afraid to ask for their input when you just do know.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

To Ask At The Tasting –

How big are the portion sizes?

You may very well be presented with a plate stacked high with food at the tasting, but be sure to ask what guests will actually receive on the day.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

What will the dish look like?

This is very important. During the tasting session, there will only be you and your partner to provide a dish for. At your wedding, there will be roughly 200 people to feed, which will obviously mean there won’t be as much time to the doll up plates.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Are you open to changes?

If there are any components of a dish that you’re not too fond of, ask about changing them. Your caterer will more than likely be open to any adjustments. At the same time, however, spare them a thought – some changes could make big differences to how much work they may have to do on the day, so if you face any resistance, try to compromise.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

So, in order to provide your guests and yourselves with an unforgettable wedding dining experience, there are the key questions to ask your wedding caterer. These are not queries you should be afraid to make. Your caterer and indeed any wedding service is there to provide what you need. You should feel more than obliged to do what you must in order to have the best day possible. Go on! Give them all some food for thought.

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