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Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

When it comes to your wedding day, you will want your nearest and dearest present. In reality, however, some of your loved ones may have moved on before you tie the knot. This doesn’t mean that they cannot have a part in your big day. There are a number of things you can put in place honouring lost loved ones, but there are three things you will need to consider before choosing.

  • how long has it been since they passed on?
  • how much attention do you want the tribute to receive?
  • what is appropriate for that person?

Wear An Item Of Clothing

This is a private way of keeping a loved one close without drawing too much attention to what you are doing. Nobody will even know unless you tell them.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Use Something They’ve Given You At Some Point During The Day

Whether it be a gift you received when you announced your engagement, or a meaningful present they gave you years ago, having something from those no longer with you being a prominent feature during the big day is a nice touch.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Place A Tribute Somewhere

By writing an ‘In Loving Memory’ section somewhere like your wedding day programme, you’ll create a nice acknowledgement that is short and simple without creating too much fuss.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Light A Candle

Place a lit candle at the entrance to make a strong statement. Alternatively, leave the candle unlit to mark absences.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Have A Photo Table

Not only does this make a touching tribute, but it will also take guests down memory lane on the day.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Make A Toast In Their Memory

Of course, it’s only right to make a toast with the dearly departed’s favourite tipple, is it not?

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Dedicate Part Of The Ceremony To Them

You could recite their favourite poem or story during the readings. Your first dance coupled with their favourite song would also be a very personal touch.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Choose Your Favours Carefully

Donations to a favourite charity or giving each guest a packet of your loved one’s favourite sweets.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Have A Moment Of Silence

This is something that may be especially important to religious couples. Take a moment to reflect upon the life of those no longer with you.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Save A Seat

Set out seats and mark them with photos of the people missing or a single rose. Beware though that looking to the audience during your vows could trigger some emotions when you spy the empty seats.

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

Release A Balloon

A special touch for the end of the ceremony would be to release a balloon together in memory or the loved ones you’ve lost

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

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