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Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

Alternative East Midlands Wedding Venues

The perfect venue is probably one of the first things you consider when starting to plan your wedding. Choosing a wedding venue might seem like a task consisting only of liking a space or not. However, in reality there is way more to consider than that. It will be the most important aspect of your wedding. Memories will be created there from the start of the day into the evening, where all your closest friends and family come together during a rare opportunity to celebrate you as a couple, and most importantly the place where the rest of your lives as a married couple start!

Gone are the days where a couple would select the local church, followed by the town hall or local hotel for their reception. Slowly couples are looking further afield with choosing their wedding venue to make their wedding unique and special. During recent years, various public attractions have opened up to the idea of providing wedding venue options into their business which we absolutely love! Here are some alternative East Midland wedding venues.

Football/Rugby Stadiums

Football and rugby mad fans will find many famous sports grounds are now registered for weddings. If you are having a sports theme, foundations and decor of the building are already in place. You just need to add the finishing touches to the room. Many of the stadiums also offer a tour of the stadium for a small extra fee, keeping the guests entertained as well as giving them a rare experience.

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

In Leicester, Leicester City Football Club and Leicester Tigers Rugby Club both offer wedding packages. Check out their websites below for more information. The majority of your local city’s sports stadiums provide a wedding venue, although it is best to check on their website first.

Public Attractions – National Space Centre

The Space Centre is a perfect wedding venue for a unique alternative wedding, especially if you enjoy all things space themed! The centre provides an inspiring backdrop to your dreams of a life together, future journeys and your place among the stars.

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

Check out their website for more information on weddings that are out of this world.

Woodland Wedding

Do you have an autumn wedding lined up? Have you thought about having it set outdoors in a woodland themed environment? Although you can never rely on British weather in terms of having an outdoor wedding, many venues offer an outdoor wedding with an alternative indoor venue.

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

A highly recommended venue for a woodland wedding is ‘The Woodlands‘ from Hothorpe Hall. Have a look for more inspiration.

Outdoor Tipi Wedding

In relation to the woodland wedding, Tipi weddings are a unique outdoor venue which are great if you are planning a festival, farmhouse or even a circus style wedding. Tipis are also a good alternative venue if you are on a budget.

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

A great wedding Tipi company we can recommend are Sami Tipi.

Restored Abandoned Buildings

If churches or manor houses are not really your thing, why don’t you have a look at a restored abandoned building for an extra quirky and unique venue. A lot of these venues have been done up so that you can add your own special touch.

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

I personally love the West Mill Venue in Derby. It has got amazing character and great features that wouldn’t be present at other venues.

The Local Zoo

Who would have thought it!? Such an amazing idea, especially for animal lovers, what better idea than to have them all at your wedding? Your guests get free admission to the zoo, already looks like the perfect wedding!

Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues   Alternative East Midland Wedding Venues

If you are local to Leicestershire then Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, is a great zoo that would provide an amazing theme for your wedding.


So if you haven’t yet had a look at venues for your big day and would like something a bit different, have a look further afield. You will be surprised at the amount of places that now double up as a wedding venue!

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  1. i love tipi weddings but as im planning a winter wedding ive been looking at country house wedding venues. i think the countryside will look stunning in winter

    • Thanks Sarah, we love tipi weddings too!
      One of our suppliers, Forget Me Knot videography, recently shot at a tipi wedding. Keep an eye out for their blog post and video – we’ll share it with you when it’s published.
      Thanks for your comment, and good luck with the winter wedding – we’d love to see pictures afterwards!

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