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Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Don’t Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. In the grand scheme of things, its easy to forget the smaller bits and pieces. However, to ensure the biggest day of you life runs smoothly, you’ll want to remember the smaller details. The secret to the best nuptials? Don’t forget anything on your wedding day!


Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ To lovers of the stiletto and those of you not made to wear sky high heels, beware and prepare. As these are our wedding shoes, the likelihood is, you’ve only tried them on in the shop. You probably have no idea what they are going to be like to wear for a whole day. Make sure you have a spare pair of shoes ready at your venue to put on in case of an emergency. Also remember to invest in some heel guards to stop you sinking in grass!

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Sparkle and Shine

Your shiny, brand spanking new wedding ring will soon be placed on your finger, so ensure other jewellery worn on the big day compliments it. Be prepared for those close ups of your jewellery as well.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Being Prepared For Getting Ready 

Hair and make up takes a long time to perfect. Ensure you have the appropriate clothing on so you’re not trying to pull tops over your head, smudging make up and ruining beautiful wedding hair. Instead opt for buttoned tops or pyjamas. Personalised dressing gowns are also practical and great for photo opportunities.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Music Playlist

We all love listening to music when we are getting ready for a night on the town. Having a sing-a-long is great fun – why should your wedding morning with your friends and family be any different? Create a playlist or ask one of your bridal party to organise it for you. Don’t forget the wedding classics!

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Pick Your ‘Person’

Your Person is the one who can carry your emergency bits – plasters, lipstick and tissues. They will help you with the challenge of going to the toilet with that huge dress. Your Person who will make sure your  gifts and cards arrive home safely.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

The Professionals

Whilst you’ll be quick to organise meals for all of your guests, be mindful of those who will be working hard on your day. Photographers and videographers have extremely early starts and can often be working until the end. Be sure to ask companies what they would like to eat and drink on the day.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Cutting The Cake

Its a huge tradition, so don’t be caught out! Do not assume your venue will have a knife to cut the cake. Some venues have special things like swords for you to take that first slice, so it’s definitely worth asking about a cake knife to be on the safe side.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

Saying ‘Thank You’

We usually have so many loved ones lending a hand on the big day, and a part of the day is to give gifts to those who play clear roles in the day. The easiest way to say ‘thank you’ after you’ve opened you wedding gifts is to remember your photo props! This can be a simple ‘thank you’ banner, bunting or card for you both to hold up so your photographer can capture it. Once you’ve got your photos you will have instant personalised thank you cards for everyone who shared your special day.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

The Weather

The one thing no-one can plan for on the big day is the weather. Be prepared for all eventualities. Provide large umbrellas for the whole bridal party, and ensure your venue has an alternative room, just in case your planned outdoor or marquee is no longer an option.

Don't Forget Anything On Your Wedding Day

So, there you have it – a list of the top things to bear in mind for your wedding day. Remembering these will see you have a big day that runs smoothly while being able to enjoy it yourself with stressing over anything too much.

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