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Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

As technology has moved forward, the way we can remember and revisit special occasions has as well. Now you can have a video to look back on your wedding and experience it all over again. Wedding videos make such fantastic keepsakes, yet it seems that the idea is not entirely sold to all couples. Why have a wedding videographer? Here’s why…

They Are Great For Memories

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

In the weeks after your wedding it will be great to relive the day, but videos make great long-term investments. There would be nothing better than to play the film at a milestone anniversary to show your children and grandchildren what the day was like. Think of it this way – you’d jump at the chance to watch a recording of your grandparents’ big day, wouldn’t you? You’ll also get to see all of the bits you missed. Little things like nervous shuffles and smiling at the ground are missed on the big day. When you play the video back, you will be seeing so much for the first time.

The Long And Short Of It

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

Unfortunately, not all of your friends and family will be able to make it to your wedding. With a video, you can take the wedding to them. Your videographer will film all aspects of your wedding and then put together a final film which will have a length dependent on your package. People who didn’t get to your big day can see the highlights or the extended version – you can choose!

You Can Still Have Stills

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

Some couples are fearful that having a videographer filming their whole day will mean their favourite moments don’t get captured in photos. Any good videographer will be able to capture the day’s most magical moments for you with high quality video that you could potentially pull still shots from. Before the wedding, speak to your videographer about this. They will be able to tell you everything about their services. Remember it is absolutely fine to ask as many questions as you need to. Besides, hiring a videographer doesn’t mean that you can’t have a photographer too!

The Day Goes By Very Quickly

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

You’ll spend months on end planning your wedding day, but that is all it is – one day. Plus, it is a day that will pass by very quickly indeed. It would be a shame to think you’ve spent all that time organising and planning to only enjoy the results once. Having your wedding filmed will mean you can enjoy it all over again, perhaps even more so than you did the first time.

Special Messages

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

The big day will be a very emotional affair. Your nearest and dearest will all have kind words to say about you as a couple that perhaps wouldn’t get said any other time. A videographer will be able to film special messages from your closest friends and relatives for you to watch after the wedding. They will make for a beautifully heartfelt keepsake, and will become even more cherished when some of your loved ones are no longer with you.

The Practicalities Are Not As Serious As You Might Think

Why Have A Wedding Videographer?

People are often surprised to hear that choosing your videographer is actually very easy. Think about it – how do you decide if you like a particular actor or director? You watch their films, of course. View some sample videos from a few different videographers and pick your favourite. Video services are also much more budget-friendly than you think. Different packages are available to suit your needs, so shopping around will do you huge favours as well. You will be amazed to know what offers you can find.

To get you started, here’s one of our all-time favourite videography companies, Forget Me Knot Wedding Films. Their beautiful highlight films are in a cinematic, music video style – so your fairytale day is even more magical on-screen!

So if you were undecided about whether or not to have a videographer at your wedding, hopefully you’ll be able to make a more informed choice now. Wedding videos honestly make for such great keepsakes that the whole family can enjoy for years to come. Just don’t have any regrets. The main piece of advice any newlywed who didn’t have a videographer will give you would be to seriously consider having one. You’ll only have one wedding day, and a lifetime together is a long time to be thinking, ‘I wish we’d done that.’

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