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Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

One thing you’ll want to do is have a record of all those who attended your wedding. Immediately after the big day, of course you’ll remember who was there, but a few years down the line it would be nice to have a reminder. This inevitably means you’ll need a guestbook for the reception, but how can you jazz up the way your guests sign in? With a bit of creativity is how. Below you’ll find a list of twelve simple alternative guestbook ideas that are a little unique but very easy to do.

Vintage Road Atlas

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

This is one for couples who love to travel. Get yourselves a vintage road atlas and have your guests sign where they’ve come from, or places they know the couple would like to visit one day. You’ll have some ideas for your first holidays as newly-weds, plus it would make for an interesting display on a bookshelf, or on a wall if you went with a poster-style map, in your home in the years to come.

Re-use Wine Bottles

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Wine bottles can be used in a number of ways to keep track of who is at your wedding. Guests can sign the outsides of the bottles (just make sure you use a marker that will show up!). Another idea could be that they sign a bit of paper and place it inside the bottle. If you haven’t gotten round to emptying the bottles, however, have the guests sign the labels. Then, when you finally crack open the bottles years after the wedding, you’ll remember all over again who was there.

Try CS Labels if label signing is the route you want to go down. You can create your own labels for the day to stick over branded ones.

Scrapbook With Polaroids

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

One way to draw out your guests’ creative sides is by having them make the guestbook themselves. They can use the Polaroids to take fun pictures, and then stick the print outs in with coloured tape. Messages can be written in alongside the photos. You can help out with this yourself by writing different questions on different pages throughout the book. For example, what single piece of advice can they offer you as newly-weds? It’s imaginative and fun, and will make for a wonderful keepsake afterwards.

Advice Coasters

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Provide your guests with a basket of blank coasters and ask them to write down memories or advice. This will really capture the personalities and characters of everyone in a nutshell. Plus, it will provide you with mats for your drinks – something you’ll need for all the new furniture in your new house together.

Modern Prints

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

One way have all your guests’ names on display in your house is on a framed print. You can put whatever you like on your picture – your monogram and fingerprints are a nice touch – but have plenty of white space as well. Guests can then sign and write their messages around the picture, which can be framed and hung on wall for everyone to see.


Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

If you and your other half are music lovers, this idea was composed entirely for you. Find some old vinyls and place them outside the reception for your guests to write their messages. After the wedding, they can also be easily displayed by framing them and hanging on the walls. Simple and very effective – music to anyone’s ears surely?

Date Night Inspiration

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

The root of most spats between newly married couple is the question ‘what do you want to do tonight?’. Well, a solution has been found. Have your guests suggest ideas for future date nights. They can write their contributions down, and then put them in a jar. Then, whenever you feel like doing something together but don’t have any ideas, you can dip into the jar. Remember, what is pulled out of the jar is final.

Video Guestbook

Wedding videographers such as Forget Me Knot provide video guestbook services as part of their packages. Your guests can each record their individual messages as they arrive, and you can view them in a final video covering the whole wedding. Seeing your guests personally delivering the messages makes them so much more special as well.

Contributions For A Bucket List

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Once the two of you are married, you’ll want to start making lots of memories together. Of course, just like with date nights, it can be tricky to find inspiration. Use your guests’ imaginations to concoct ideas for a couples’ bucket list. You’ll end up with a range of activities and adventures you can embark on at a later date, and a little bit of your guests in each weird and wonderful suggestion.

Sign Puzzle Pieces

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

This is a very creative and very cute idea. Place a load of blank jigsaw puzzle pieces at the reception and let each of your guests sign one. You then have the joy of putting the pieces together after the wedding and can then permanently fix together and have framed to put on a wall. Just don’t lose any pieces…

Dropbox Art

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

An idea a lot of people are going in for at the moment is shadowbox art. Each of your guests sign tokens and then slot them inside a shadowbox with a thin pane of glass over the front. Tokens can be ordered in all kinds of shapes so you can mix it up however you like. The end product also looks stunning, and will decorate any wall or shelf in your home beautifully.

Try Wooden Craft Supplies for this idea.

Thumbprint Trees

Twelve Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Another idea that is hot on trend right now is thumbprint trees. Have all of your guests add leaves to plain branches by stamping their thumbprint on a large sheet that can later grace any wall in your house. They can then each write their name next to their print to you see exactly who is who. It is something that really makes the best of the whole ‘family tree’ concept.

Ten Simple Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Hopefully now you’ll have a better idea of how you can keep track of your guests on the big day. Whilst the traditional idea is to write messages in a  book, these ideas add a fun twists and mix things up nicely. There are so many ways in which you can switch it up and be slightly more adventurous. Find something that reflects you as a couple while forcing your guests to be slightly innovative – it will create good conversation and brilliant memories.


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