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7 ways to use a chalk board at your wedding.

With the introduction of the new Shabby Chic era, chalkboards are slowly becoming a new and fashionable statement in both homes and weddings alike to make a stylish but creative and inexpensive personal touch. Especially with weddings, they add to a vintage and classy style, displaying messages to keep all your guests happy and under control while you are busy getting married and enjoying your perfect day.

These are our top 7 favourite chalkboard ideas..

1. Introduce your wedding

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So all your guests are slowly forming having a few pre-wedding drinks at the entrance, why don’t you use a chalk board to introduce your wedding? (It also helps to ‘greet’ guests to your wedding without you actually being there!)

2. Cute little messages

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Displaying little signs with quirky sayings gives your wedding that something different from the rest, it also gives the guests the wow factor and a good talking point amongst new acquaintances.

3. Flowergirl & Pageboy signs

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Give the flower girls and page boys the extra cute factor while walking down the isle to start and end the wedding ceremony. This also gives the opportunity to write a personal message maybe even handwritten from the little people themselves e.g. ‘Here comes mummy’.

4. Seating plan

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Why not go for a handwritten seating plan for your wedding breakfast? This is also a great stress free idea if you have any of those last minute RSVPs or alterations to the seating plan – simply rub it out and correct, simple!

5. Table center-pieces / numbering

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Using chalk boards for your table numbers and signs gives that vintage alternative look to your wedding while also being a very simple and cost effective touch.

6. Wedding Photos

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Any opportunity for a photo! Add a chalkboard to give your photographs that extra message. This is also a lovely idea for thank you cards / photos for your family after the wedding.

7. Entertaining your guests

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Keep your guests entertained at the wedding reception by using chalk boards for guest messages or props for your Photo Booth (another opportunity for a photo!). If you can get hold of a big chalk board, why don’t you use one for a giant guest book?


… So with all these ideas, why don’t you have a chalkboard at your wedding? unleash your creativity and provide that personal touch to your big day!

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