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Very very roughly speaking, there are two kinds of photography styles: posed and natural. Of course it’s not like that, there is a whole continuum, but bear with me.

Posed photography can be very stiff and unnatural, although it is also used for beautiful arty images. Most people want natural photography because it captures real emotions, real moments, relationships.

The problem with natural photography is that as soon as someone points an objective towards me- is this the same for you?- I freeze and can’t remember what I normally do with my hands, where to look etc.

But there is a third way, something that captures the real you, the laughter, emotion, tears, softness you only show the ones you love. And it has directions so you don’t feel like a self-conscious lost soul being stared at.

It’s called Beloved. I cringed at the name to start with but actually if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then photos are to be taken with love, however hippy it makes me sound.

But don’t worry it’s not a love story with the photographer. It’s a series of games and invites for you to play, share, try and have fun with. It can be done as a couple- a couple with some history and a future ahead as you share memories and wishes. It can be done with kids, families, even alone.

I love using it for engagement shoots because .. it’s about love. But we go slowly into it, I’m not asking you to bare your soul for me in the first 5 minutes, you set the pace and depth.
Couples who experience it report feeling a long lasting glow and intimacy after the session has ended, it’s not just about photography, it’s a celebration of you and the photos are there to capture that.

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